Fight against cancer

Research shows that 50% of all cancer victims will still live in 5 years. Of the other 50%, 40% will die from poor nutrition, not from cancer.

Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are the current therapies to treat cancer. They cause a lot of side effects that are often worse than the cancer itself. Extreme nausea and vomiting, hair loss, fatigue, depression, kidney and heart damage, and sometimes other cancers develop as a result of those treatments. The poor functioning of the immune system causes 40 to 70% of all cancers. It is thought that bad or wrong food, stress and too little movement, is the cause.

Healthy food is the biggest enemy of cancer. At ARRC we work with a step-by-step plan to correct this.

  1. Composition of the right food with Açaí as the basis. This unique fruit has the world's highest polyferols and anti-oxidant content.
  2. Add foods that you miss. Thorough blood analysis makes this clear quickly.
  3. Strengthen your immune system and start eating powerful phytonutrients. Fresh Açaí is at the top and has no comparison. Years of research confirm what many doctors have known for years. Plants provide us with strong and natural medicines.
  4. Make sure you are happy and satisfied by regularly moving and laughing at the challenges of life.

Come to the ARRC resort for a week of previews so that you can understand that good health will greatly improve the value of your life. Or come stay with us for 3 months and we make you a different, more aware and healthier person. Request information without obligation, we are happy to advise you.