Overwhelming nature as far as you can see. Our domain counts 700 ha. forest in the middle of the Atlantic rainforest.
Within our domain alone there are 40,000 acai palms and thousands of coconut palms between a very diverse range of plants including bananas, acajou, jackfruit, tamarind, guava, genipapo, aloe vera, jasmine, etc ... Hundred-year mango trees live majestically next to extensive mangrove forests. The best CO2 purifiers in the world.
Within the ARRC domain we also have numerous sources, rivers and own wells. Every year we have this research in the lab and we always get the highest quality award.
The ocean is separated from us by 12km from the dune area and beach 'Mangue Seco'. The powerful sea air that blows across the forest from the South Atlantic Ocean is filled with a very rich oxygen and iodine content. No form of pollution.
Two fishing villages - Cachoeira de Itanhi and Abadia - form the beginning and end of the resort.
Their specialties: Camarão (or large prawns), Pitu (crayfish), Aratu and Caranguejo (local crab species).